Rumen is a delightful photographer who not only captures special moments from 3D to 2D, but takes you on an adventure while finding the perfect shot.
His great personality makes everyone comfortable enough to show their true emotions and bring out real feelings and power through the works of his camera.
Everyone loved him and enjoyed being part of the show and magic - zoom zoom, click click :) it was actually really fun.
Rumen is very creative and takes a unique perspective with his lenses and is not your boring type of photographer. He is not just professional but adds another level up, while making you feel part of an amazing production, knowing you can trust him to do the best in any place, time or weather conditions.
Thank you so much for the experience of your wonderful style of photography! I hope lots of other people can be just as lucky :)
I have worked with Straight Curves to get my professional photos done. I'm currently using these on LinkedIn and Twitter and the response from my networks has been very positive. So, overall an excellent result!!!
During the session Rumen provided a number of suggestions that resulted in photos that I really liked. The photo session we did was for business photos.
I would strongly recommend Rumen and his team to any organisation that is looking for a good photographer who can bring out the business aspect in a photo!
Ben H.
Rumen is a pro but also gifted - an unusual combination for a photographer. He has somehow managed to capture the essence of product and people shoots in Brisbane and the Gold Coast that I have witnessed first hand and then taken those images further than the human eye possibly could. Reasonably priced for the talent he brings to the occasion I have no hesitation recommending him!
Wow! What a journey with our twinnies ! Thank you so much Rumen Tokushev for being such an incredible part of it. Absolutely beautiful timeless photoshoots taken of our little girls Debby & Kelly You are not only an amazing photographer you are an amazing person!!!
Rumen has taken my luxury soy candle brand to the next level with his incredible photos. His skill and efficiency allowed me to compete with much larger companies without going broke in the process. He's brilliant!
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